Final Project: Video Essay- Hannah Andrade

“Paris in Film”
By: Hannah Andrade

In my video essay, I discuss how Paris is depicted or portrayed in film. I used two films, “Midnight in Paris” and “Paris, Je T’aime”, to illustrate two unique ways Paris is visualized and perceived. This video essay focuses on how certain films can depict Paris as a dreamy utopia, while other films may depict Paris as a realistic city. Paris can be a place of extraordinary and ordinary occurrences, which both films display.


Progress Post: Week 4

Today after the presentations, I began editing my iMovie Video Essay. The movie scenes/ clips that I had already in iMovie were a little long. I focused on editing certain portions of the scenes out. I am, however, trying to make sure that there is consistency within the scenes when edited. My main priority is to make sure I don’t take away the director’s perspective from the scenes/ movie clips. I want to make sure the edits are consistent and flow smoothly from one portion of a scene to the next. Another component I focused on today is focusing on what I keep or maintain from the movie scenes in the video essay. I hope to keep the director’s perspective of Paris and illustrate the different ways Paris is depicted in the films. I will continue to edit the scenes to shorten the length of the video essay and keep audiences entertained.

Progress Post: Week 3

This week I had my Oral Presentation for my Creative Writing Final Project (video essay). I may incorporate the feedback I received afterwards, to the final project. I am definitely considering maintaining the scenes and prospective scenes the way I originally wanted- fully/ uncut, so as to not take away from the director’s perspective. I might do a voiceover during certain portions, however, to incorporate the films and my analysis simultaneously. This week, after my presentation, I have looked over which particular scene from “Paris, Je T’aime” I would like to incorporate and focus on in my second half of the video essay. Today I have looked over the “Paris, Je T’aime” scene and am considering the portions I may maintain or remove when developing the video essay. I want the audience to fully experience the scenes, without any distraction or loss of focus, when the film clips are presented. I may have the video clips in particular points without my voiceover or from another resource (such as Midnight in Paris), so as to not remove the magic, emotions, and power the scenes have independently.

Creative Writing: Introduction to Multimedia Composition- “Paris in Film” Oral Presentation

Paris in Film- Hannah Andrade

My video essay project focuses on how Paris, France is portrayed in film.

This project is done as a video essay and will feature two scenes from films about Paris, France. The two films include “Midnight in Paris” and “Paris, Je T’aime”.

The two films will illustrate how one film depicts Paris in such a positive, dreamy way, while the other film shows how Paris is a city that can be extraordinary yet ordinary at the same time.

I wanted to use these two films because they can show how films about a city like Paris can manipulate a viewer’s perspective of a location. These films can also give accurate or inaccurate representations of the actual city itself, so it is interesting to explore the two films and have a reaction/ analysis of it.

I used iMovie to assemble the video essay and I used YouTube to find the scenes of choice. I used Clip Converter to convert and download the scenes. The use of Clip Converter was for the educational purpose of my Video Essay for the Creative Writing course.

Progress Post: Week 2

This week for my Creative Writing: Introduction to Multimedia Composition course, I have completed my script for my video essay. I am really happy that I have completed and polished my script because, this will allow for a more focused and stronger argument for my video essay. Completing this script has organized my video essay in a way that will make the transitions from speaking to presenting a film clip easier than imagined. Working on my script has given me the opportunity to focus on how two films depict Paris in pivotal or memorable scenes. While one film depicts Paris as a completely beautiful and perfect place, the other film shows the complexities of a city and how it is just that- a city that one experiences for the first time. Editing and honing the script that I will use for my video essay, allows me to narrow down on illustrating two different films and how they can influence a viewer’s opinion of Paris. This week I have also converted the clips I will use for my course’s Video Essay Final Project. I have converted the opening scene from “Midnight in Paris” and the 14e Arrondissement scene from “Paris Je T’aime”. These scenes really captured my attention and give me the supporting evidence I need in order to prove how films illustrate a city and how films can move and manipulate an audience. Next week I will be offering my presentation on my project so far and I hope to screen or preview a portion of my Video Essay on next Thursday (the 13th of November).

Video Essay “Paris in Film” Script- Hannah Andrade


Hello, my name is Hannah Andrade and this video essay is for my Creative Writing: Introduction to Multimedia Composition course. For this project I am focusing on how Paris, France is depicted in film and how it may appear to a tourist in reality. Paris, France… When you hear about it what do you think? Do you think of the Eiffel Tower? Baguettes everywhere? All Parisians wearing cute little berets? Well, many films may have depicted Paris, France in a way that can lead to these kinds of stereotypes as well as romanticized or unrealistic views of the city. Many films can manipulate our view of a city or location. Films may depict Paris as otherworldly or a utopia. One film that has depicted Paris like this would be “Midnight in Paris” directed by Woody Allen. This film puts Paris in a positive light and paints it as a beautiful place all the time. This can lead tourists astray. You might ask, how can a movie about a man going back in time at midnight in Paris fool audiences and prospective tourists into an idealized view of the city? Well, for starters, let us take a look at the opening credits of the film. [Add opening scene from “Midnight in Paris”] The opening credits include beautiful shots of landmarks in Paris, perfect lighting, and an impression of the city that may take an audience member’s breath away when they watch the film. The music in the background can also lead to an idyllic illustration of the city as well. A sense of nostalgia, a calming mood, and the pretty shots of the city all combined will produce a form of desirability or allure of the city. This film makes Paris appear as a dreamy euphoric location. Paris appears as a city of perfection and romance. It’s beautiful at night, it’s beautiful in the day, and it’s beautiful in the rain. This movie makes Paris seem completely magical and a desirable place. While “Midnight in Paris” glamorizes the idea of visiting Paris for many prospective tourists, the film “Paris, Je T’aime” can give viewers a balanced illustration at what Paris can be like. It can be a place of beauty, but it can also be a place where one cannot escape troubles or their past. Paris can be a place of enjoyment, a place of sadness, a place of loss and confusion. It can take one’s breath away positively and negatively. In the following scene from “Paris, Je T’aime”, we see Carol played by Margo Martindale give a reflection of her experience in Paris as well as a visual realization of what Paris can truly be like. [Add 14e Arrondissement-Carol scene from “Paris, Je T’aime”]. In actuality, this film portrays Paris as a city. A real city is depicted, one that has its glamour and charm, as well as a location where you can get a burger or Chinese food. This scene shows the extraordinary and ordinary aspects of Paris. The city may not be as magical as one may think when seeing “Midnight in Paris”, but it still has its moments. In “Paris, Je T’aime” there is a realization that Paris may be a little different from other cities, but not entirely. You will see landmarks that are iconic however; experiences with food for example, may be the same. “Paris, Je T’aime” depicts Paris as a beautiful city; however, it does not exaggerate it as “Midnight in Paris” does. Paris, however, may make an individual like Carol, feel both joy and sadness at the same time. A city does have the power to move people and stir strong emotions, however, it isn’t perfect. An opening scene like in “Midnight in Paris” will heighten the expectations of the city. One may be manipulated by what they are seeing. An individual will think that what they see will be what they will get the entire time they are in Paris. While one film embellishes Paris completely and enhances the city, the other film displays its beauties and its flaws as well. “Midnight in Paris” shows just the good side of the city, the pretty, the beauty, the nostalgia, and the romanticism. Film can idealize a location, an idea, and a person even. Films have the power to mystify us and films such as “Midnight in Paris” can cloud our minds and lure us into traveling to Paris or wanting to be there. “Midnight in Paris” can convince people that the city is perfect all the time, when in actuality, like all cities in the world, it is not and it has its imperfections. “Paris, Je T’aime” shows the moving effect a city can have on an individual, but how it can be a normal place as well. Films like “Midnight in Paris” and “Paris, Je T’aime” can influence our perspective of Paris and what we may expect from the city. It is up to us, however, to determine what a city like Paris may truly be like. It can be magical, it can be blemished, it can be beautiful, it can be lonely, or it can be romantic. Films like the ones mentioned, can just alter our view or opinion before we visit and experience a city such as Paris.

Progress Post: Week 1

For the Creative Writing: Introduction to Multimedia Composition course, I am beginning a progress blog post that will track my progress and what I have worked on for the Final Project. Today is Week 1 and we had peer reviews of our project proposal and individual meetings with the professor to discuss our proposal as well as project concept. During the rest of the class session today, I began brainstorming and organizing my script. I started to write out what I will be saying, as well as the thesis and main focus of the video essay. I have worked on building the script and will continue to work on it until next class. I want to edit the script as I believe it is a crucial element or component to my video essay final project. I have also confirmed which films I will definitely be using as examples in the video essay. The two main films that will be a focus in the video project essay include:

“Paris, Je T’aime”
“Midnight in Paris”

Before week 2, I will continue working on my script and editing it, as well.